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Scarecrow's Suggestions and Feedback

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I believe this is the first post I've made on here in about 4 years, and thus I have forgotten the rules, so apologies if the topic somehow breaks a rule or is redundant. Basically, I signed up for the beta and thought that I should probably give feedback and suggestions when necessary, but I don't want to make an entire different topic for everything, so I'm making this singular topic in order to post anything I come up with or find. Chances are I will suggest something impossible, too nitpicky, or repeat somebody else, so apologies in advance. I don't know how large this list will grow, especially when I don't have a lot of interest for Hamlet, but I signed up for the beta and might as well honour it. Who knows, if I play enough I might stick around after full release. So far it's been very interesting, yet with low FPS despite my computer making no noise and capable of handling things like this with ease.


  • While the Peagawk is an interesting idea, the surprise of it running away was ruined by holding a weapon and seeing the "Attack" prompt before the "Pick" prompt underneath. If the Pick prompt could be forced to take priority the first time the player encounters one, with the Attack prompt appearing after it reveals itself, it could make them a bit more effective. It wouldn't be permanent, only appearing once or per bird if once is too much for such a small feature to program
  • The leafy overlay that appears when you walk into the Jungle biome with sunrays and heavy foliage is interesting, however it moves around too much, making it quite distracting. If they moved slower it would most likely be fine
  • Level 2 Rainforest Trees and Level 3 Rainforest Trees look far too similar, mostly due to their height. It is hard to differentiate between the two, I have chopped down many Level 2s without meaning to. It would be helpful if their size could be shrunk, to make them easier to spot

[Currently none, it is 1:30 in the morning so I can't play for long]

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I don't think the "pick" prompt was supposed to be misleading to surprise the player. If you're able to get close enough to a peagawk, whether by cornering it or finding it sleeping/putting it to sleep, you can pick one of its feathers without killing it. So the pick prompt is real and has a function.

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