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  1. A very simple bug. When walking through the Jungle, the music will stop suddenly, only to start again a moment later. This happens every 10 seconds or so, and has only occurred here, when I am rushing through the Jungle for the sake of exploration.
  2. While I have only encountered this once, it is safe to say that it would apply to every encounter between these creatures due to their AI. I do not know why the Gnat Swarm got aggro'd towards the Thunderbird, I just happened to find them locked in a battle. The Thunderbird does not summon lightning to attack the Gnat Swarm, and the Gnat Swarm cannot properly harm the Thunderbird, causing an infinite loop of the Gnat Swarm wandering slightly off and then snapping back to try and attack the Thunderbird once more.
  3. The event happened too fast to react, therefore I do not have a screenshot, but the title says it all. A squirrel spawned from a tree I chopped down, and after stealing a log I went to attack it, however it then quickly headed to the stump of the tree I chopped down, and the animation for it re-entering a tree played.
  4. Simply put, when I go to cook Seed Pods the indicator as to where the seed will be planted is still shown, even though it should only display the "Cook" prompt.
  5. Occasionally, the storeowners in the Hamlet will run into the top right wall of their store upon entry, and continue trying to run out of bounds. It seems to be random when this occurs, and it is always in this exact corner. It is possible this is because the store's desk doesn't exist, yet the storeowner is trying to track it and move to it, but I don't know how the AI was programmed. Buying an item exits this state, as they go to restock. I have not attempted attacking them or otherwise interacting with them.
  6. I entered The Sterling Trough Deli, and when hovering over any item in the fridge the prompt for buying said item displays the debug spawn instead of the item's name. None of the other items not in the fridge were effected. Exiting and re-entering the Deli did not fix the issue, and neither did restarting the game. Please note that I exited the game while still in the Deli.
  7. This is a very small issue, however I thought it should be of note. In the Sky Void, I found the outline of a black box that moved with the camera, so it was definitely an object of some sort. I don't know what would cause this. The box can be seen just off the outcrop that Wilson is standing on, but it is hard to see.