Possible character nicknames and perks

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I don't have an actual names or looks for these characters, feel free leave suggestions and feedback.

"The Prankster"


-More efficient traps

-Traps require less resources to build


-Lower hunger (100)

-Bad fighter (about as strong as Wes)

I thought since this person would use traps they should have the old naughtiness needed to get Krampus (~20 opposed to the now ~15).

"The Infiltrator"

This character should be a human in a pig costume or a *pig in a man costume.

*My original thought was of a pigman wearing an extremely obvious costume with a mascot-like head of Wilson.

If man in a pig costume


-Befriend pigmen longer

-Pigmen don't run from you


-Lower sanity (80)

-Werepigs come after you every fullmoon (2-3)

If pig in man costume


-Looks silly in hats

-Manure from eating seeds/flowers

-Pig house requires less resources to build


-Cannot befriend pigmen (TRAITOR!)

-Werepigs come after you every fullmoon (2-3)

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