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Here Are Crock Pot Recipes as a Spreadsheet!


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I just started playing this game and love it so far. :) I have a pretty stable encampment currently and I've made it to Day 91 so far. I was checking out the http://dont-starve-game.wikia.com/wiki/Crock_Pot_recipes to figure the most cost effective recipes, but I kept wishing I could sort the columns to easily see what foods help hunger, health and sanity the most. I scraped the HTML table from the Wiki page and imported it into Excel so I COULD sort it.I grabbed the raw wiki markdown for just the table and put it into crock_pot_dont_starve.txt and ran the following on my terminal for OS X:

$ printf "$(echo $(cat crock_pot_dont_starve.txt | sed 's/^.*File:\(.*\).png.*$/\1/g' | sed 's/\|-/NEXT/g' | sed 's/.*|\(.*\)$/\1/g' | sed 's/ /_/g') | sed 's/ NEXT /\\n/g' | sed 's/ /\\t/g' | sed 's/(/ /g' | sed 's/)//g')" | sed 's/_/ /g' > dont_starve_crock_pot_recipes_20120217.tsv
That got me the raw data I could import into Excel and munge. I time stamped the Excel file because it lacks some info and I am sure some is out of date, but it is thanks to some other enterprising soul or souls that have been keeping it updates this far.I hope you find this spreadsheet helpful!-Xavian


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You can sort the tables on the Wiki... there are little triangles in the table headers, the triangles point up and down. Click on them to sort the table by that column.




That said, the old Wiki is so clogged up with ads, you may not want to even stay on the page, LOL. The official Wiki has the same sorting option, without all the intrusion: https://dontstarve.gamepedia.com/Crock_Pot


Also, not sure if you guys know about this, our awesome modder @rezecib made it... it lets you put various food values together to see what will be made in the crockpot: https://rezecib.github.io/foodguide/html/index.htm

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