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When you reload a game with a dupe inside a rocket, home or at mission, the game will "forget" what dupe is in the rocket.

Your cockpit will tell that it has a astronaut inside, but not which one. If you send the rocket on a new mission, or try to remove the cockpit, the game crashes. 


Now you might be thinking, well game borked, gg. But i'm here to help you help your self. What you need is a second astronaut, and then assign that astronaut to the rocket. This will make the cockpit Magically remember what dupe is inside and force him/her/it out. 


This borked up my game once before, where i had a friend delete the cockpit&dupe in question. So when it happend to me again i tried the second astronaut and it worked. :) - I hope it can help anyone else.


p.s. yes i've already reported this bug in the bug section, but also found out how to save a borked astronaut, so i wanted to share it with you guys also.

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:) the thing i must try is build 8 rocket whit  8 command module, and put all the dupes (i have 8) in them. In theory the game should end because is not detecting any dupe ... (when all the dupes die, you receive a message for start another game)

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