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Does anyone actually use the lower tier farmplots? I've always skipped straight for the Turbo Farm plot. At the moment, there doesn't seem to be much use for the lower tier variants. I suggest making one of the lower tier farmplots do something special, maybe allow it to grow meat (but obviously at the slow rates). Then have the Turbo Farm plot get moved to a tier 3 science machine.So we'll have one basic farmplot accessible at anytime (probably to act as a stopgap measure before the Turbo plot), a meat producing farmplot, and a mid to late game farmplot to replace the basic farmplot later in the game.

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It's not exactly hard to build the turbo farm plots. If you come across a big grassland, you just wander around between the beefalo herds to gather their manure, gather a ton of grass, and you have the bulk of the resources for the plot(s).A suggestion I would have for farm plots and distinguishing them is maybe upkeep cost. You do have to refertilize, but what if over the long run the cheaper (but slower) plots required less refertilization? By which I mean, let's say 10 crops (arbitrary number, not actual game fact) is the amount needed to refertilize now. Make it so the turbo plots need it every 5 crops or so, and the basic plots need it every 20 or so. Again, arbitrary numbers here just to give an idea I have in mind.Or (and?) the farm plots can be better guarded against any of the given suggested threats to them. People have suggested that rabbits and pigs should be threats to your farm plot crops. But what if the basic plot was the one most at danger, then the next up is safe from rabbits but not pigs, and the last safe from both (or maybe safe from pigs but not rabbits)? I suppose that would distinguish them, but not necessarily balance out the concept of being able to construct the best with little investment.

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Continuing on what Snark said, different farm plot would be better off not promoting faster growth with each tier, but rather different type of crops (even meat if it fits the theme?).A farm plot can require a biome turf to grow crops within that biome (carrots only grow in grassland farm plot).With randomization system with seeds, a crop planted in the wrong farm plot will sprout, but wither without yielding fruit. This would make it an extra challenge to farm in general.Manure should be reworked to not advance growth. Rather it can be used to enrich the farm plot, promoting crop growth. Perhaps 10 manure will make growth as fast as a turbo farm plot. With each harvest, the plot would gradually reverts to a barren state, requiring more manure.Birds (and maybe rodents if they are ever added) being able to gradually eat unattended crops would make mass farming a challenge to manage.

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