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Bitumen - More changes to oil refinery down the road..?

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So, I was looking through the list of elements in the new preview and I found Bitumen listed in there:


I haven't given the element list a full look in several versions, so it could be that it was added earlier, or that it was a similar but named differently substance.  In either case, since I didn't come across any mention of Bitumen besides a single thread in the Suggestions forum from late August, it must be a fairly new addition.


Judging from the database, looks like they'll be adding it as a by-product of the oil-refinery and/or boiling crude oil into petroleum. Since it's here, we might as well discuss it.  What do you think?  Of course, it's difficult to judge something when it hasn't be implemented yet in any system soo.. :D

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It was actually added (to the database) in the rocketry update. I remember making a post about it. I think it`s a good solution to handle the missing mass form the refinery but i`m not sure how will they handle it with oil boiling without revamping the balance of the whole thing again.

It might be later useful as some sort of construction material/ingredient. Maybe you could produce asphalt or something.

I checked the thread you linked and apparetnly i wrote almost exactly the same thing back then :D .

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