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Game Update 288704, The Modders Change-log!

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this is a full list of changes, including stuff klei might have glossed over in their patch notes!
(note: this is only code changes, it would be far to taxing at-least at this moment to go over image and animation changes)

  • a new tag "multiplayer_portal" is on the florid-postern, all checks for a prefab being the florid postern should be prefab:HasTag("multiplayer_portal")
  • a new constant "NUM_SKIN_PRESET_SLOTS" with a value of 10 has been added, presumably it wouldnt be much work to increase the amount of skin presets you can save.

that's all the changes for this update, expect these with every update that klei pushes!
for a more gameplay related overview of this update checkout Game Update 288704, The Players Change-log!

Previous update: Game Update 288118, The Modders Change-log!
Next update: Game Update 291341, The Modders Change-log!

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