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[Help] Strange Modded Character Apperance

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Mk, so I was making a random Wigfrid hybrid, in which i redid some of the art for the hair and a few faces here and there.

I came across this extremely ugly bug? Not sure what to call it..  everything seems fine and normal according to the pictures below but in game its just?.. I don't even know?




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I've had something similar to this, though I didn't completely understand what happened apart from a few things.
from experience I've had this happen to me by moving parts in the spriter files and saving it, you don't need to save the images for spriter (especially if you have moved them) To me spriter is just a build view as I don't really know how to use it other than viewing the character

This also happened (ghost build though) to me while resizing the canvas while drawing parts, it's possible to make files bigger, (but I'm not sure how to) but doing it wrong can be this result.

I'm no expert and could be wrong, but like I said, I didn't completely understand myself, I fixed it by deleting the spriter file and the exported files, then re downloading the base for spriter and exported folder and copying and pasting the images back into the folders (if you have resized canvas don't replace the file, instead copy the image ontop of the base in the program)

I hope this helps somehow <)

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When you import an in-game character's sprites, their sprite files have different dimensions than the template files.

Spriter can't see the difference because it's just a program. So it keeps the pivots in the same spot, causing this to happen.


To solve the issue, you'll need to change the pivot points of every sprite in Spriter.

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