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  1. It's alright, thank you for the help anyway it's very appreciated!
  2. if you know of any other hat templates I could use, it would be super helpful, this one is all I could find.
  3. Oh! thank you the hat works, the inventory image is still invisible (I'll figure it out XD) but functions well! There's another issue I just got with a friend of mine, when we're the same character, the hat doesn't work for her, but it works fine with the host (This is my first time using this hat base...)
  4. I'm trying to add a hat to my custom character, the original template I used is hat_bee_bw which is from this file here: However when I change the prefab file name it disappears! and I don't know why! It works with the original name, but as soon as I change it, it becomes invisible in the inventory bar, I can't click it or wear it, and there's no name to show up, I've not yet started the drawing. I've made custom items before and I've never had this issue, I've looked though all the files to try and find the problems but I can't see anything, any help with this will be very much appreciated, thank you! I've attached my mod here, her name's Poppy, and her hat is renamed too "poppyhat". Poppy.zip
  5. It's always appreciated regardless, thank you :D! Hi, thanks for your reply and for taking the time to help me, It means a lot! I just gave it a quick test, everything seems to be alright, I will have to get back to you IF it happens again, as I still don't know what causes the crash, or how to 100 percent cause it by command. I seem to find I can't mine in the spring or summer time, but other times it works, it effects all characters if he's enabled and regardless if you're being Gemini or not. I've had the crash with just one server mod on, that's being Gemini himself, however I did have client mods which are: Boss indicators, combine status, status announcements, dusk and night music, gesture Wheel and more players, however I don't see any of them having any real relation with his code at all.
  6. Here are his files, thanks so much for the help Gemini DST.zip Files here, thanks for the help! Gemini DST.zip
  7. Hi sorry for the VERY long wait! I've been playing a normal game and I got the crash again, it was on my other friend's server and they've sent me the log and screen shot of the crash that happened! The Mod is called "Gemini" any help will be appreciated thanks! client_log_2019-09-02-09-13-19.txt
  8. I can't seem the replicate the crash, I've been trying for ages and it doesn't seem to happen 0_0 suppose I should be glad? I have replicated it before on my other post, but cannot do it again. I have not done anything to the mod itself, hmm... I will have to get back to you when ever I can. Thanks for being patient with me.
  9. yes, that's why I said tomorrow, late rn but I'll have a look! thank you
  10. thanks for the reply I can replicate the crash and send the mod here by tomorrow is that okay?
  11. Hi I really need help with this crash!! I have a character mod that I have had for a few months now, and I recently thought I have finished it, when I started to play properly it has been crashing lately and I dunno what causes it. It happens when I start mining, usually when the season has changed, I'm not exactly sure since sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. When they mine, they're suppose to drop gems randomly, works fine early game but later on, issues arise, hitting the rock just once disconnects from the server, and I've tried looking in the cilent logs for any hints, but no luck Is anyone willing to have a look for me? or offer any help, anything will be appreciated thank you!!!