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Make "Creeps in the Deeps" SW compatible

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Hi there! 
Long ago (before SW) my team and I made Creeps in the Deeps, a mod which added a new level to the world of DS which was supposed to be the Ocean (at least the underwater to say it better). With a bit of stumbling across the way we managed to get the mod out (currently on Steam with more than 15k subscribers) but then forgot a bit about it. 

What we're trying to do now, is get back to make Creeps in the Deeps (a.k.a. CitD) compatible with the current SW. Imagine having both the top and the bottom of the ocean in a single game. Wouldn't that be cool? For this we need a coder who would be able to make CitD compatible for SW (and potentially also DST but maybe that's asking too much). That said, any help regarding art and/or animation will also be much welcomed !!!

Feel free to contact me via PM, drop a message on the CitD collaboration group (in the DS section of the forums) or find me us discord here!

Thanks for stopping by!


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