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when will dont starve be finished and not in beta

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i'd say that the winter and another big update will be coming,then they'l concentrate on releasing the game,but that's my opinion

AFAIK thats correct, the winter update and probably another last major update and then the game gets full released. But Klei plans to support the game at least for another 6 months after the release.
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Our posted completion date is “Early 2013”. We made this intentionally vague because when we started the Beta we were still figuring out the scope of the game. Now that we have a defined scope, I can give a more precise date: Late March 2013.

This is a little longer than we had originally planned, but the game will be stronger for it. We have received a tonne of great feedback from our players, and we want to have the time to do the game right.

This won’t be the end of development, however. We will continue to support Don’t Starve with new content and tuning for at least 6 months post launch. We hope to continue to support it long after that, but that will depend on whether that’s financially viable for us or not. If players keep coming, we’re certainly going to keep updating!

I hope this clears up a lot of questions that you all have been having about the project. You all are shaping up to be a great and supportive community, and I look forward to finishing this game with you!

in Don't Starve Roadmap
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