Idea Sience Machine Backpack!

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Wickerbottom the librarian is effectively a mobile science machine,I think that being able to carry giant structures bigger and much heavier than the player(I know,Walls,turfs,ect) is a bit rediculous.No Offence-I would have been an absolute grammar nazi,but the amount of mistakes nearly made my head explode.

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I think something like this would be a good idea. Some people complain that we're too dependant on large bases and farms (and then go an build a large base themselves :S but that's besides the point) so making more things portable would allow us to move around more. As it is right now, once we stick our science machines down, we're reluctant to move elsewhere (or at least I am).If this or something similar is implemented, then I'd say we could only use it when we drop it from our inventory onto the floor, or it's only usable when we equip it like the backpack. Just so it doesn't mean we can build whatever we like when running about as if we already researched stuff (because then a science machine would essentially just become a filled inventory slot that you can't use, if you understand what I'm meaning? lol).

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