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  1. steam cloud sync is evil good sir...w00tyd00d sent me a private message with the file :)This thread can be closed now,it is pointless further discussing.
  2. Sorry if this is at the wrong spot,but my Don't Starve profile data for Steam has corrupted recently,and I need a file named "profile" from this place: Program Files (x86)/Steam/Userdata/Your Profile Number/219740/remoteIf anyone could help me out,I would be very grateful.
  3. Wickerbottom the librarian is effectively a mobile science machine,I think that being able to carry giant structures bigger and much heavier than the player(I know,Walls,turfs,ect) is a bit rediculous.No Offence-I would have been an absolute grammar nazi,but the amount of mistakes nearly made my head explode.
  4. Either Woodie or that skeleton dude I would say...I would rather Woodie"Just your friendly everyday axe murderor"
  5. kk,thx for letting me know,I am slow with the hotfixes and all that stuff.
  6. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 72968 Issue title Top Hat nearly negates wormholes penalty... Steps to reproduce 1)Wear Top Hat 2)Go into wormhole 3)Sanity barely went down... Describe your issue I am not sure if this was intended or not,but I find it really odd that the wormhole barely ate away my sanity while wearing the hat...
  7. It annoys me, at the fact that I clearly requested feedback from those who voted against... and someone did not give feedback... If I don't know what is wrong with my idea, I can't improve it, I am not a phychic. D:< OT:Yeah,but those pets are annoying,You can't get the smallbirds/tallbirds to stop following you other than trapping them somewhere,which is hard,chester,he can stay in a spot,but he is hard to protect,and is slower than the previous mentioned. This allows me a pet I don't need to keep too much track over.just one I need to check ocasionally
  8. I can see your point.but I would like to have a way of getting eggs for 'bacon and eggs' without angering Tallbirds. Your average Don't Starve day would be 8 minutes,A natural IRL chicken lays around once every day,unless it is a poor battery hen(lays 2 a day,eggs in shops come from the poor things),this was built to be hard to farm,trust me,a gobbler is much like a chicken,if out at dusk for long enough,it will go to probably the nearest bush and forget about you.This is just for the people with an oversupply of berries. Now that I think of it,I should change the times when the gobbler eats from the feeder to like 8 minutes,and not 30 minutes,that seems a tad overpowered. thanks for the feedback.
  9. Damn,all those 250(maybe more) deaths to get everything just for this? I feel kinda backstabbed now,maybe the current one could be put into a classic mode?I don't want to lose my hard earned recipes.
  10. (Insert Spastic Rage here) I no longer will have a random guy to laugh at D:<
  11. Warning:Giant Wall of Text Incoming NOTE:there may be a lot of words that are said over and over again,also,if anyone wants to supply any drawings for this idea,I will be accepting Many People hate the gobblers,for the one reason that they steal your berries,I was thinking that there would be a nice way to domesticate them(this idea is kinda inspired off of my 6 chickens IRL) Structures Based off the fact that you have to prepare a pen before you get chickens,I will start with the structures needed to make this pen. Fences:you would build them post by post,it could serve as either a pen for the berry eating pest or a fragile barricade for monsters.costs 1 wood and requires 100 research points to unlock(science machine). Fence Gates: Effectively the Entrance/Exit of your barricade or pen.Costs 2 wood to make it and 100 research points to unlock it(science machine). The Nesting Box:I know people might complain here,but keep in mind,but nearly every bird needs a comfy place to lay its eggs.It would require 3 boards,5 twigs and 5 grass to make and 200 research points to unlock(alchemy engine). The Feeder:You put berries(uncooked) in here for your new turkey friend,can hold up to 25 berries it takes every 8 minutes for the gobbler to consume another berry(don't hate the time here,berries are easy to get). It costs 5 wood to make it and 200 research points to unlock(Alchemy Engine) That is it for needed structures. 2 Features for this Idea that I hope to see You would need berries to get a gobbler to follow you back to your pen(assuming it is already set up) Feeding a Mandrake:twisted: to a Domesticated Gobbler:As we all know,Gobblers eat uncooked mandrakes with no mercy,I think feeding these should should greatly decrease the times between when gobblers lay their eggs pernamently(effect should not stack). Special Recipes for Gobbler Eggs:Explains itself... Possible Pros and Cons of this Idea that I have been able to find Pros -Might discourage the "Tooth Trapping" of berry farms. -Gives an alternate way of getting food other than the "Plant+Manure and Repeat Process" and the "Slaughter Rabbits,Pigs or Beefalos". -An alternative to a having a caged bird or smallbird as a pet -It is expensive when it comes to wood,so it is not very easy to exploit by having huge pens and lots of nest boxes+feeders. -It actually can teach a little about chickens IRL -Might discourage people from skipping days using mandrakes -Hard to maintain your supply of gobbler eggs due to the fact that berry bushes grow so slowly.So it can discourage the moving of berry bushes,so that the bushes can keep the speed they grow when they are in their default spots. Cons -If one does serious tree farming,this system would be easy to abuse(very unlikely people do that due to treeguards) If you read this all,I thank you