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Can't connect to my own dedicated server

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WesleyT245    127

I'm having trouble connecting to my own server when traveling from the caves back the surface. Here are the details:

-After entering the stairs, I would receive a "Connecting..." message for a while, then I would receive a "The server is not responding" message, and forced on disconnect.

-After disconnecting, when I look in the server on the server menu, it says that I am still on the server.

-I am also not able to reconnect to the server at all after getting disconnecting like this. I would get the same "Connecting..." into "The server is not responding" message.

-After this, running c_reset(), restarting the server, and restarting steam allows me to reconnect to the server, but not reliably.

-If I am able to reconnect, the problem is that I respawn in the caves, still stuck.

-If I run c_reset() while I'm in the caves, I get disconnected during the loading sequence.

-In red is what almost immediately shows up on the server log when I enter the stairs. 

-Most likely not an internet problem, as my friends living very far away have no problem connecting.

-Server is not running any mods, except for Setpiece Config.

-I am running the server on a separate computer, on the same Steam account.

Pls help me...

Update: I tried using someone else's steam account on my own computer, and it is still having similar problems. For this reason, it is most likely not a Steam account problem, but rather something to do with my way of connecting to the server.


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Daniel86268    303

Iirc there has been someone with a similar issue not too long ago but I can't find it right now. The solution was that a mod or a combination of mods caused this issue.

Try disabling your Serverside mod and see if that fixes things.

If that doesn't work, try to do a fresh install of your server. Meaning delete your server files (not your saves!) and redownload them using steamcmd.

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