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Tiger Shark Tips & Advice


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I've been considering going up against the Tiger Shark for some time. It's pretty late game for me but I'd rather fight it on my own terms.

I've got a Meat Effigy as well as a Touch Stone(not sure which will be used first), I've got a lot of swords and crafted two pieces of Seashell Armor, as well as a full durability Cactus Armor. 

The Island with the Sharkitten Den is rather small, I just removed the Screw Thing Set piece, to get more space. I've also planted some Elephant Cactus on the island to maybe help out. I know the tooth traps don't affect the Shark, but I'd like to have any advantage I could have. I planted some palm trees to maybe have a treeguard lend a hand, although I just spawned about 7 of them 8 days ago.

I've got a ton of fish sticks as well.

What I am asking if any of you experienced fighters have any tips for traps or similar I could use? Not asking for direct Kiting tips but something to give muself an edge of sort.

Thanks in Advance!


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1 hour ago, Szczuku said:

I'm pretty sure that tiger sahrk doesn't destroy things by walking over tchem like DEerclops or Bearger. This means that you can stuck it between 2 rocks or somethng like that. Be careful though beasue it's jump attack will break things

Do you think the Cactus will be of any help?

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