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Come and play on the Vanilla servers hosted by Diverse Survivors! A full description of all the servers we host can be found below:

Vanilla Hunger & Vanilla Survival & Vanilla Wafer & Vanilla IceCream & Vanilla Cream & Vanilla Cookie:
 Vanilla Pure Klei default servers with all settings set to default. For a pure vanilla experience. This is a good place to start if you’re new to DST.

Vanilla Bacon: 
Pigs, pigs, everywhere! A world with pigs on lots and flint on more. Have some pig house bashing fun and build yourself a pig village. A nice server to play as wigfrid and most other characters or challenge yourself and try it as webber.

Vanilla Banana:
A default world but with Bananas set on lots so they appear on the upper world. A nice world for any character with bananas to snack on as you explore the map(edited)

Vanilla Christmas: 
World settings on default with flint on lots, and the Winter’s Feast event permanently on. Join for a jolly Christmas Wonderland, with treats, presents, and of course festive bosses!

Vanilla Clockwork: 
A world with clockworks / chess set to lots – they are everywhere! But other resources are set to less. This world is more of a challenge but is a great place for those of you who like to fight – all you Wigfrid and Wolfgang players, and its perfect for WX… lots of gears to eat!

Vanilla Cowboy: 
Inspired by the Old West. More Cactus, Thorns, and Goats. That means more sanity and meat to allow for all your boss fighting fun.(edited)

Vanilla Endless: 
Pure Klei default server, all settings are set to default, except disease, which is on none. A longer lasting game with the chance to make more advanced bases and fight more advanced bosses. It will be reset every 2 weeks, usually on a Saturday or Sunday. Join our discord to get the password.

Vanilla Glow:
Tired of dying to darkness? Well have no fear! In this server, you will find glow berries scattered across the world to provide you with ever lasting light to keep those shadow hands away. Careful they're radioactive & will cause you to glow if eaten.

Vanilla Honey: 
Bees and Killer Bees are set to more and are scattered all around the World. Wendy heaven… bees all over for an easy honey source, just don’t get stung

Vanilla Hunt:
A server for the meat eaters. Hunt (tracks) set to lots but berry bushes set to less. Perfect for all you Wigfrid players.(edited)

Vanilla Puff: 
Not enough carrots & mutant bunnies in your diet? Well have no fear the mutant bunnies are here! The mutant bunnies have moved  up stairs & are ready to spread veganism. Be careful carrying meat around them ;)

Vanilla Starvation: 
More action & death happens in this server! Giants, Koalefants, Vargs, Ewecus, Hounds, & Krampus are set to more & are not afraid to wreck havoc!

Vanilla Tea: 
A pure vanilla server with normal settings but it is hosted from London, so it will have better ping for those of you based in Europe.(edited)

Magic Wonderland: 
A modded server with new exotic biomes, plants, & creatures. This server will surely give you a new survival experience.

Shipwrecked Together: 
A world with biomes, plants & creatures from Don't Starve's DLC Shipwreck.  You can now travel across the sea in search for that booty & find yourself stranded on a Deserted Island.

Kindly note that our servers are updated and amended from time to time as we come up with exciting new server ideas.


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