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Rainbowdesign scenarios

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This Little funmod certainly tries to kill you.

The portal was a trap and your little colony started in Armageddon. You cannot win every map at all. Please note this is beta, If the mod does not work as it should write me.


This one is a more rough version like steamdeath2.txt if you want it copy it into the config folder.


Install: Get the modloader: https://github.com/javisar/ONI-Modloader

Extract the zip in into the modfolder:




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Hey, i made a new scenario:

An Aquantic world that slowly cools down over time.

It is a bit harder than the default map:

The water restricts colony growing and you have to put effort into claiming new places.

The cold will require you to heat your colony.

If you want to change the difficulty you can change the config files:

If you want to make it easier maybe you delete AquanticgrowWater and AquanticKatairite and maybe reduce modifiermultiply in coolwater

If you want to increase difficulty you should probably decrease modifiermultiply in the cool files to -10

Maybe you could also increase modifiermultiply in the cool files to 2 to make it a tropical island but i am not sure if it will be balanced.




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2 minutes ago, BlueLance said:

I wouldn't mind that tbh, but what happens when it reaches absolute zero? I remember the game used to crash if you reached it.

As far i know the game will just prevent it from cooling more i have read a bit in the code. If something crashes tell me i would write a fix for it.

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