The Closest Thing To Multiplayer- Time Attack!

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I figured out the closest thing to multiplayer. A time-attack mode.It records your best time to clear adventure mode with each character. You could see the high scores of worldwide players, in specific regions, or just your friends. No need for tedious coding, just adding in a way to check how long it took for you to beat the game. Maybe also a way to record your runs?This is just me thinking of what the closest to multiplayer we could get, and even THIS is just a pipe dream.

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I would like to do it only against my friends, because that one guy living to day 1000 well sit too well at the top of the list.+1

Oh no no no no, if you take 1000 days to beat the game, you are at the BOTTOM of the list. It's all about how fast you can do it!
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I have suggested something similar to my thread but my take on it was this.In sandbox mode,You get to play the exact world the previous player died in.The goal is to beat the days the previous player had,and you get to find some sort of journal on the spot where he died.In this journal the previous player can put a note or something for the next player to read,dunno maybe some tips or something .Minimum days can be implemented so that people won't spam posting below 10 days worlds or something..

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