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Gas storage, quality of life improvements

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So, I am very glad to see that we finally got a way to store all those potentially unwanted gases in a safe canister, but the current method... does not feel like a full solution, at least not one that we can work in a standard colony.

As it is right now, once you build the gas storage, you have to manually select the "empty storage" button, then wait for a duplicant to be in the mood to actually do so and, worst part is, gas storage has no priority setting, and dupes will only empty them if one, they are told to do so and two, there is literally nothing else to do in the colony. I have had them dig and build priority 1 tiles before getting to emptying the canisters.

So, what I would love to see, is either an automatic ejection of stored canisters, which would be extremely convenient, but I could understand if that's a bit too easy (altho unlike algae colonies, there is not that big a benefit), or changing the settings of the storage, to have a priority, and also an automatic empty setting, just like algae colonies. It would still require dupe manpower to operate, but not be bottom of the barrel priority.

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