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  1. Further feedback, it seems like water's heat transfer capabilities have been buffed by at least an order of magnitude, might explain why dupe heat was dissipated so rapidly, despite the low difference in heat potential.
  2. Greetings! As of current update, I have had two dupes contract hypothermia simply from digging on the watery areas on top of my main base, to get the water flowing down. I understand water is cooler than dupes, but contracting hypothermia from standing on 23°C water? I have swimmed in water ten degrees colder than that without any health concerns. Disease system could probably use a tweak.
  3. I actually set the priority of all dig and build tasks beyond the checkpoint to 9, and dupes were still just hopping in, digging 1 or 2 patches at a time, then dashing out. To get any work done in the oil biome, I have to set door to one-way only, and let them there overnight.
  4. By the way, what use is diamond? Can't build anything with it.
  5. Seems to have been fixed after last hotfix, will check my colony and report findings.
  6. Loaded a save that used to work fine before patch, now I have EIGHT frozen dupes. They also gained immortality, one of them is standing in hydrogen, and has long since run out of breath but won't die, and another had its hp reduced to zero from scalding, but won't die either.
  7. So, gave oil update a spin, and tried to dig up one of the oily biomes, so I built a healthy amount of exosuits, and let dupes go to town. Problem is, they're acting exactly like they would, were they not insulated, they go in, dig up one or two patches, then dash back out. The exosuits are working perfectly, the oxygen tank depletes as it should and, if I lock down the access door, trapping the dupes, they actually perform what they're supposed to do, i.e. they dig and build non-stop, without dashing in and out. I even left them there overnight, and they just slept on the floor, but didn't get hurt or experience any oxygen deprivation, or made a mess. Check attached savefile for easier pinpointing. Hip Rat's Nest Cycle 99.sav
  8. Ok, first bug ain't that bad, it just doesn't allow for a custom name for your colony; whatever you input is replaced with the randomly generated name. Second tho is that lavatories are not outputting a single drop of polluted water, despite being connected to a pipe output, and being fully functional and used by the dupes, often. I know for a fact the pipe is working, as I'm using it for the output of showers as well, and those do actually output polluted water. Attached savefile for easier analysis. Hip Rat's Nest Cycle 37.sav
  9. Greetings devs! Today I'm gonna comment on how pre-reported and acknowledged bugs are doing on this release, so prolly a long post: -Dupe AI seems to be dumbed down. Dupes will now more frequently wander aimlessly (jump from side to side on ladders, or rush in a direction, then suddely switch etc.). They also dig themselves into a hole or cliff more often -Micro deliveries are worse than ever. In adittion to the already reported issue of dupes drawing water out of thin air, it has become ridiculously common for them to draw in 500-1000mg of water, and deliver that, then do so again. It has become so bad I have to periodically mop the area so they don't waste time with puddles, not that it entirely solves the issue, as they will draw water out of a dry zone every now and then -Heat tranfer is better now, but still buggy. Air coolers in particular, are prone to overheating after a few seconds of use, despite being entirely surrounded by -10°C hydrogen.
  10. Indeed there is a small fickle particle of natural gas up there, less than 5 grams actually; is that what's keeping 500 tons of water under check? That's some sturdy gas.
  11. After I found myself a water geyser, I set up a stair for it to fill my main reservoir and, after having my fill, set a door to block flow until further needed. The water keeps flowing non-stop from the geyser, and falling down the ladder, but instead of eventually filling the area, it sits neatly compressed in less than a square worth of space. It does not push in any direction either, despite having a mass of several tons.
  12. Fairly certain you guys already know this one, but "full patch notes" in the live version points to thermal upgrade, instead of agricultural.
  13. Aye, I had, in another colony, a whole area inside an ice biome (long story) devoted exclusively to planter boxes. Area-selected with 1 priority, dupes would still rather fertilize the blossoms, than dig a 7 priority tunnel.
  14. Already tried to "de-priotitize" the blossoms to no luck. I can confirm this bug, working out how exactly things get prioritized in the game, here's what I got: -Priority 12: fertilizing plants, no questions asked, more important than anything else -Priority +2: sweeping, dupes will ignore other higher priority tasks, unless the priority is 3 units higher; for example a sweep 5 task will take precedence over a 6 anything else, and equal priority to any 7 task. Deconstructing also has a +2 effect. -Priority -3: mopping, dupes will not respond to any mop order lower than 9, and even so might take a while to do so
  15. Would you call a 40°C/K difference "too small"? Also, when dunked directly into water (a pretty good heat conductor in the real world) that sits at a pipping hot 55°C, the ice keeps its frosty -30°C so that's an 85°C difference, or roughly two and a half times the stable temperature of the human body. Also water coming directly from a geyser doesn't lose half a degree either, both elements keep their respective temperature as thought they were covered in abyssalite (that ironically DOES adopt the temperature of igenous rock biomes)