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Let wrench priority over ride

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it took 5 move commands to make folks do "their" jobs

whats the point of

if I've got to kick a gopher off the cooking station so the cook will stop trying to build and actually make some food.  I know I could just "X" out everyone not on a job but it would be so much simpler if a wrench dupe showing up kicked a non wrench dupe off the job so they could do their priority command job instead of wandering off to do something they are less capable of......./.;/

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Cooking and Researching I have always set non cooks and researches, respectively, to "X" for these jobs to prevent such issues.


Also, if you do not have the station set to a high priority (which it really shouldn't be if you have a cooks/researchers set to wrench for their jobs, then this will never be an issue.  Setting the priorities manually are the overrides that are putting you into this situation.  A Dupe will do their designated job first, if they can (power not being provided, blocked structure, etc considered). If you have both the Research Station and the Microbe Musher both set to 5, neither Researcher or Cook would go to the wrong station. If you have the Microbe Musher set to 9, that means anyone with has no other job set to 9 that they have any Personal Priority level NOT set to "X" would rush to try to do the cooking. 


Please do not take this thorough explanation as an insult. I do see you have made a lot of posts and I do assume you have a good deal of knowledge of the game. It's just the situation you are presenting is not an actual game feature problem.


Sub-Priority "P" = Global Priority Override for Everyone who is capable of doing said job

Work Behavior "J" = Personal work preference as long as the invisible overlord (us) didn't set the Sub-Priority of jobs I am capable of doing at a higher priority of tasks I like to do.

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Special behavior for the wrench that isn't also covered under high priority is a horrible special case and a huge "NO!" from me. Wrench priority is solely for the purpose of current job, which necessarily changes. Player convenience should never be "traded" in balance process.
Having higher priority dupes kick off lower priority ones off certain jobs might be a good idea, but it could also be terrible if applied to widely. For example, dupes stealing "grab this item" jobs from dupes who almost finished.
  1. 1. a burrowing rodent with fur-lined pouches on the outside of the cheeks, found in North and Central America.
I don't see any fur pouches. Did you mean "gofer"?
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Gofer, a basterdization of Go For, Gopher a rodent known for collecting things........ No I chose properly its english that is broken. :) I can def see your point with stealing items and did not consider that.  Probably should have the way sweep arms used to take exosuits right off the dupes :wilson_cry:

@Aurjay I "barely" use sub priorities and then its only ever bumping a few things to 6 7 and 8 to create a work flow order for say digging and building a small area.  I don't use sub priorities for the normal running of my base so that is not my problem.  My problem is that Wrench jobs already have some weird hidden mechanic but not one that is intuitive or seemingly very useful to the player.  If it were given an over-ride then a "Gofer" could take them item from someone who probably shouldn't be carrying things in the first place but if they took it and headed off to get more they would certainly be defeating the purpose to carry those mats all the way back to where they came from.  That or with stealing germy items several times might spread some germ everywhere, outside of those single case instances, everywhere else,  personally want wrench to rule.  Perhaps it should be an option in the priority or jobs menu.

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