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Morale bug?

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Just encountered this a couple of times in my games now. Apparently if the dupes mastered a job the morale requirement stays up there and will not come down even if you downgrade their jobs.


Not sure if this is a bug or an intentional addition to make it harder for players to exploit morale requirements (shifting between jobs to lower stress). Either way, that would mean that rushing to a higher tier without meeting the necessary morale requirement (e.g. no high quality food, buildings, etc.) will set that dupe to a forever stress spiral, making massage tables a mandatory requirement.

Anyone else with the same issue?

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If someone suddenly became an elite scientist, earning millions, and you then told him he has to live in a cardboard box, he will still long for what he had. But yeah its entirely intentional :) I am not sure if their morale is permanently affected as soon as they put the hat on or after they master the job

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