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  1. Some dupes seem to be stuck on their jobs sometimes, like running on a hamster wheel. When that happens they end up taking almost no leisure time and won't be able to eat or socialise. Ranching seems to have the same problem, although it's even weirder because asking the dupe to move doesn't "free" him from his task, he's going back to it (maybe he likes the hatchlings more than the other dupes ).
  2. The idea of timeshifts and leisure time is nice but currently it forces you to either micromanage your outhouses or make a lot more of them than you should need. The problem is they all go at the same time, so if your outhouses don't have enough "charges" left, the unlucky duplicants won't be able to relieve themselves and will most likely make a mess during the night. The dupes in charge of tidying can't see that coming (would be nice) so having more of them dedicated to this task doesn't solve the issue, you have to manually flag the outhouses for cleaning or build a lot of them.