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[Game Update] - 284213

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MarkL    538


  • You can now sell certain duplicate items for more tickets
  • Added new ‘bee’ outfit
  • Revisions to the pursuit mechanic. Catching the target gives it a temporary speed boost, fade to black no longer goes to full black and starts later
  • Wholesale course leaderboards reset for Duct and Cover, Meat Grinder and Chase the Lie. Due to course iterations and feedback
  • Duct and Cover changes:
    • Spawn point moved up to first checkpoint location
    • Set a hidden checkpoint to visible after the cafeteria to help direct players
    • Removed redundant wall jumps in first section of risers because it confused pathing
    • Opened up some congested sightlines on the top of the risers that would direct players off course
    • Fixed an exploit where players could skip the last 3 checkpoints without boosting or using air control by jumping up a paper towel stack
    • Nudged various boxes to better guide player along course
  • Fix throwing Buddy through walls and blue force fields
  • Fix timer sometimes activating in overworld after finishing a course or spectating a player
  • Fix bug where camera would stay frozen after dying on certain courses
  • Fix rare instance where checkpoints would get out of order when running through multiple consecutive courses
  • Fixed minor checkpoint and finish point bugs
  • Collision and lighting fixes in mastery gym level
  • Collision and course adjustments in wholesale level, Changes made to course Duct and Cover
  • Fixed occlusion issues in the paper towel fort of Wholesale that was allowing player to see skybox
  • Updated collision of the ramps in the meat grinder section of Wholesale so players can no longer run along top striped band 
  • Catch the target sfx
  • UI sfx improvements and addition (Restart, Item already selected, Sell Duplicate, etc.)
  • Fixed an audio bug in School where a cart floating on lava in the main ring corridor was spamming rattle sounds


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Hbjiko    2

Finally! What a needed addition to the game and although I wish the items sold for more and could be bought for credits, it's great you even implemented it. And hopefully, Catch the Grade will now be possible for me :D

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t0panka    1643

It was said Mac version is coming in first few updates when Hot Lava released first version. There is STILL absolutely ZERO information if Mac/Linux versions are even happening?

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