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killer bees

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"When dropped from inventory, Killer Bees immediately aggro the player. This makes releasing them near Hounds, Beefalo and Pigs a good idea. Large numbers of Bees are especially effective on Hounds weakening them."

Quoting from wiki (http://dont-starve-game.wikia.com/wiki/Killer_Bee)

But, in my personal opinion, they don't serve for much. I think it's better to kill them and use the stingers to make darts.

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If you have them in your inventory then when you die they will aggro (and usually kill) whatever killed you, so they are good for revenge. If you put them inside Chester they will be released when he dies. If you're a safe enough distance away then the killer bees will attack whatever killed Chester. If you put them inside a storage box and Krampus goes after it, well you get the idea...

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