Chesterfield, a semi-cosmetic item

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A suggestion for a new craftable item, made from pig skin and logs/twigs, plus maybe something else?

A Chesterfield (couch) which acts like a "doggy bed" for Chester.

Basically this would serve four purposes:

1. To be a cosmetic item if you ever wanted a couch around your base.

2. To increase your sanity (by sitting on, by being near?). Much like the Dapper Vest, who wouldn't want to own an elegant leather couch? Maybe with a nice cigar, or a glass of brandy? ;)

3. To provide a static location for Chester to sleep at night.

4. To fully heal Chester if he, in fact, doesn't regen health (which I'm not sure is true or not).

The reason I came up with this is primarily point 3. I have my chests, ice box, and crock pot all set up around my fire so I can do stuff at night. The problem I encounter is Chester falls asleep where ever he is standing when night comes. Sometimes I have time to "over run" my fire so he is pulled in close, sometimes I don't. A few times I've been late in returning and he has ended up on the very edge of the fire light and out of easy reach of all my other items. This couch would provide an item which I could place as I wished in my base, so if Chester was "in sight" of it at night time, he would always sleep there.

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This sounds cute, but like you said, "semi-cosmetic" -- I personally just put my eye bone in one of my chests and Chester stays put near my other stuff. Sometimes he does get caught on the wrong side of my stone walls, but I have so many fireflies around my base, EVERYTHING is lit up, lol. But yeah, Chester is a little awkward and there's at least one mod related to tweaking him.

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I'd let it have a use for Chester only though

Yeah the others were more things I came up with while typing, the main reason for it was 3., to control where the Chester "chest" is located when you're in base.And another one (which I could use in my game right now :heart-broken:)5. When Chester dies, you can place his Eye-bone on the Chesterfield and he will respawn at dawn.
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