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  1. Likes:-The different lengths of day/night/dusk cycles depending on season. Makes it easier/quicker to build up at the start when the night is so short.-Daylight no longer regens Sanity. So I actually have to watch that a little bit. Though it'll be even more interesting later in the game, since you said it was rebalanced to be easier in the early game and get harder as the game progressed, yet even in the early game it was dropping noticeably quicker than in the previous version.Dislikes:-The giant text on the clock in Adventure Mode. It makes it harder to see the actual clock. The small level text from before was better. Or if I'm completely imagining that the text used to be smaller, then... The text needs to be smaller, as it takes up the whole clock now.-Whatever you changed with the world generator. Now I'm getting a lot fewer "pure" biomes, and more of a patchwork of lands. Which might be more realistic, but it doesn't look as good. Also I'm getting a more islandy map than the solid landmass of the previous patches. It's not to the point of the old islands, but my map has a lot more of a spiky peninsula design with little inclosed "ocean pools" than before.Neutral: -Armour and player damage changes. My last game I was playing as Wolfgang, so maybe I just got used to his bonus damage, but this game as Wilson it's taking forever to kill anything. With a spear it's taking me 4 or 5 hits to kill a black spider. With how quick they spawn, and how many come out of a nest when you attack it, this seems a bit weak. Coupled with the weak armour changes, and the increase in Warrior Spiders... it seems like it's going to be almost impossible to take out a spider nest (not to mention other large creatures) without relying on a pig army or fire.It does increase the difficulty, but I don't like needing pigs to help take out a level 1 spider nest, and having to build a new log suit after every other battle. I'll have to play with it more to get a better feel for it though.Bug?:-Chester disappeared. His eye bone is still open, which means he's not dead (right?), but one night he just vanished and hasn't shown up again. Which is annoying since he had a stack of stone I needed.-Black roads? Are these a new type of road tile, or a malfunctioning art asset? They give a speed buff like a road, but I find them ugly and not very roady looking. Plus they look weird on the map.---I haven't made it to Winter yet, since just like last time my save game was "deleted" when I updated to the new version. But so far I'm enjoying the patch, though I'm not liking my newly generated world as much as my old one (but that's just the randomness, and nothing to do with the update). There is definitely more of a challenge in some aspects of the game (combat, sanity), and less on others (food) -- for example my map has so many berry bushes and carrots; I'm not sure if this is a random map generating thing, or if something was changed in the code, but I stopped collecting them because they were spoiling faster than I could eat them -- it'll be interesting to see how the changes effect the mid-game once I reach a Winter cycle.
  2. I think Beefalo drop an appropriate amount of meat for their size. However I think they're too easy to kill and they do reproduce (way) too fast. Ever since the baby Beefalo change finding meat has been trivial. Once, a Beefalo herd in heat wandered into a nearby pig town... I picked up probably 50 meats (not including the ones the pigs ate) with zero work. It was pretty funny to watch actually.I like the pig grudge idea. Though I'd actually like to see it expanded so pigs can't be used as such an easy meat farm or as easy cannon fodder for killing other animals. Something like long term grudges which build up - So each pig house is a "family" and each new pig which spawns from that house will be a member of that family and hold the same grudge as their predecessors (so you can't just kill off the pig to reset the grudge). As you use the pigs to kill other animals, or you kill them, the grudge level eventually builds up to where the pig family is hostile to you when they spawn and the only way to deal with it is to leave them alone to let it dissipate, or to destroy their house (which adds a grudge level to all neighboring houses) and build a new one. Basically I think it's too easy to raise a pig army and have them do my dirty work, or to just slaughter them all for meat. So I agree, there should be some repercussions to "abusing" your civilized pig friends. As for the bee boxes... maybe flowers shouldn't be replantable? What I end up doing is capturing butterflies and replanting a large field of flowers around my hives so the bees have easy access. Maybe if the bees had to travel further for their flowers that would slow production down enough? Or you could plant flower beds, but it was through a recipe rather than butterflies, so maybe you had to grow/collect seeds (through the bird cage method?) to grow the beds. Or maybe bees just need natural enemies, something which could kill them as they're out in the wild visiting their flowers. Or maybe instead of putting everything on the bees and hives, put some of the weight on the flowers themselves. Any nerf to honey production could probably be offset by just building more hives. But what if flowers were the determining factor in honey production, so a flower only had so much nectar at one time, which would slowly regenerate. As long as flower planting was limited in some way, the number of hives after a point wouldn't matter because they're all pulling from the same resource pool. That could also add a point to the sanity meter, you can pick flowers for sanity or you can leave them for your bees. Edit: Re: Meat farms Maybe you'd rather keep the game more lighthearted, but maybe when you kill a pig or beefalo they leave behind a corpse/bones which attracts Hounds/other bad animals. So sure you can slaughter that pig village for meat, but doing so also attracts predators, or bumps up the hound attack timer, or something to make it more dangerous.
  3. [ATTACH]3419[/ATTACH]The only bad parts about this world are: The Pig King is so far away, and all the Wormholes basically just move you to the next Wormhole over so it's easier to just walk everywhere.
  4. Yeah the others were more things I came up with while typing, the main reason for it was 3., to control where the Chester "chest" is located when you're in base.And another one (which I could use in my game right now )5. When Chester dies, you can place his Eye-bone on the Chesterfield and he will respawn at dawn.
  5. A suggestion for a new craftable item, made from pig skin and logs/twigs, plus maybe something else? A Chesterfield (couch) which acts like a "doggy bed" for Chester. Basically this would serve four purposes: 1. To be a cosmetic item if you ever wanted a couch around your base. 2. To increase your sanity (by sitting on, by being near?). Much like the Dapper Vest, who wouldn't want to own an elegant leather couch? Maybe with a nice cigar, or a glass of brandy? 3. To provide a static location for Chester to sleep at night. 4. To fully heal Chester if he, in fact, doesn't regen health (which I'm not sure is true or not). The reason I came up with this is primarily point 3. I have my chests, ice box, and crock pot all set up around my fire so I can do stuff at night. The problem I encounter is Chester falls asleep where ever he is standing when night comes. Sometimes I have time to "over run" my fire so he is pulled in close, sometimes I don't. A few times I've been late in returning and he has ended up on the very edge of the fire light and out of easy reach of all my other items. This couch would provide an item which I could place as I wished in my base, so if Chester was "in sight" of it at night time, he would always sleep there.
  6. What's the best/easiest way to kill a Tree Guard? Those guys always smash me, more so than any other mob.Are the different sizes stronger/weaker, or is it just a cosmetic thing?
  7. Do you need to restart the map/save before this will take effect? I made the changes to my .ini and I see the folder, but there are no files in it on my preexisting game.