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Ranching suggestion

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For now, it seems that Ranching stat never increase and is probably never used. (I see no diffrence betwen my rancher with ranchung stat 2, and other rancher with ranching stat 9).

So that my suggestion :

Ranching stat will affect Groomed effect duration it may also depend on jobs ( if duplicant is rancher or seasoned rancher)

for Rancher : 1 cycle + Ranching skill * 5 sec ?

for seasoned Rancher : 1.5 cycle + Ranching skill * 7 sec ??

thanx for reading.


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The duration would be a bit annoying in a way because the effect may disappear during the nighttime, or in the middle of the day, usually you want to groom them on the beginning of the day or so.

Maybe Seasoned Ranchers increase the duration to a whole 2 days or something, rather than the stat. I think that the Stat should just speed up the whole Grooming process, and also makes the critter they 'call' come there faster.

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