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Moar Save Slots


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Hey everyone! Long time listener, first time poster... I just updated my mod: "Moar Save Slots" with a bug fix for a long-outstanding issue that I didn't know how to track and a general quality of life update to the number of configurations...



"Got any more of them... save game slots?!"

We got "Ton's Moar"! (default 100 // configurable from 5 - 500)

"Ton" on Steam asked for even moar than the original 50 max save game slots from my previous mod, so... 

This mod gives you more saved game slots by showing a page up and page down arrow on the load game screen.

I hope you like hitting the up and down buttons a lot!?

(Probably) Not supported by Klei, Capy, Valve, or anyone else. Please do not hold us responsible for any consequences.

Let me know if you guys have any questions!

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