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Character Custom Items?

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Hello everyone.
The last week I've created a custom character. But I want to put a custom item for it. Is there a way to give him a custom item,hat,armor, etc? 

For example, my character its a miner, i want to put his own helmet and a shovel, it its possible, and how?

Thanks :)

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Your question is related to modding, there is a special forum about modding. Also, you posted it twice.


To answer, it's possible to make your character able to craft his own helmet, and to give it this custom helmet and a shovel at the start of the game. I suggest you look at other character prefabs for example of the "start_inv" function.

Something like this should do :

-- Custom starting items
local start_inv = {
return MakePlayerCharacter("yourcharactername", prefabs, assets, common_postinit, master_postinit, start_inv)

For the recipe, you need to have a custom tag for your character. Then the recipe will use this tag to make the character the only one able to craft it. You could look at scripts/recipes.lua for examples.

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