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Problem with klei servers

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Hello Im new here and maybe this is not the place, but I want say this:

Lately I see users harassing others with this modus operandi: 

-Player A burns or destroy the base, then blames Player B
-Player B is kicked 
-Player A repeats this eventually

Heres a example:


Im not the OP of that thread, but I found the same people making this kind of stuff in every dedicated server of Klei. Is there a way to fix this?

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Come now child, have a sit. Ol' grandpa will tell you a story.

This is an age old situation that happens to every public DST server out there. Some people enjoy building and constructing, while some others enjoy destroying and annoying probably because of unresolved childhood issues.

There's not much a server admin can do other than kicking griefers and rolling back the server to the previous day. Klei won't do anything about it - not in their own hosted servers nor to the game mechanics to help people avoid/prevent griefing.

Bottom line: it's sad, I hear you (been there, suffered that) but the best you can do is find a selected group of people to play with in a private / password protected server. :concern:

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This also goes far beyond DST, this type of behavior exists in just about ANY multiplayer game.  The best thing you can encourage everyone to do, whether you are a guest on a random server or a host, is to strongly recommend to everyone online that it cannot be more simple to take a screenshot.  Whether you use the default F12 Steam screenshot or the actual/physical "print screen" button (which you then CTL-V into your favorite gfx program, be it windows paint or GIMP, or one of those high dollar programs) and post your screenshot of the individual(s) engaging in bad behavior to prove who it was and get them banned.  Of course yes, someone has to be a witness and see it, but...  For now that's the best we can do.

If there are modders reading this, for games like Minecraft, there are extensive sql-driven plugins that log every single interaction with the world.  There is absolutely no reason why something like that couldn't be written or modified to work with DST.  With those tools, an authorized user uses a command set to an item (for right clicking on an item in the world to see a list of who interacted with it and what they did) or at a minimum just a command issued to give a text list of blocks nearby and what has been done to them (and by who).  Maybe someone clever could make something like that happen down the road.

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I feel the pain of liking public but actually wanting to play the game.

Protection mods do exist, and they work well.
It's not a fix, Klei really should offer some vanilla-option protections which we've discussed at length before given that a significant portion of the public playerbase ignores mods by default, but...while Klei's servers remain unplayable for anyone attempting more than a few days of progress, other servers do have the option of protection through mods.

If you want to play public, give modded servers with staff a try. Endless mode has a few consistent ones available. We'd love to see new faces.

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