Working makes you hungry.

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Don't know if it was mentioned or not. Maybe using tools and weapons should make your hunger meter drop 1 per weapon/tool use?That would make you search for more food and you will have to plan what to do, no more cutting trees for 2 days and so on, your days will have to be planned, and you can still get some food not using weapons and tools via traps, that would buff traps for me, and maybe will consider using them. Also why monster meat is almost 100% drop form every monster, it should be more rare, now it's very easy to fill the ice box with monster meat, and you can make some good stuff from it like honey nuggets and others that gives you health, sanity, and tons of hunger.

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The specific example of a 1 to 1 relationship of item use to hunger meter drop I'm not sure about, but the idea that doing things will drain hunger sounds fair enough to me. It's all about getting the numbers in that relationship just right.Edit - Whops, brain fart.

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You get hungry from collecting resources so you collect food which makes you hungry so you'll have to make bigger farms but to do that you need to collect resources but that makes you hungry so you have to collect food which makes you hungry so you'll need to make bigger farms....I like this, +1

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