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[Bug] Aaaaargh metal refinery

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I'm newish to the game, having just under 100 hours under my belt. I've gotten to about 250 cycles as my best before resetting the game because I wanted to do things better.

However, in my latest runthrough, I've gotten to cycle ~110, and spent probably the last 30-40 cycles trying to get this **** metal refinery to work. I've used them before, they were always fairly simple to use. Am I doing something wrong here? Is it bugged? Am I going mad? I've literally spent the last 3 hours on this while my colony falters because I'm spending all my time trying to fix a refinery >.<



And yes, I know the power is insufficient and will cause problems etc, I literally shoved it in as a stopgap because I needed refined metals before I could make smart batteries, and figured it'd be cheaper to repair a couple of copper wires than lose half my copper on the granulator.



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1. Do you have enough sand in your water sieve ?

2. Where is the metal refinery output ? If the output is merged, or if a pipe is broken, nothing will run

3. Try destroying the pipe under the watersieve input, if you have multiple input it can generate conflict in the liquid flow

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@Blash - I did indeed try reconstructing it. No joy.


1) Yup, plenty.

2) First the output for the refinery went into the water sieve. Then I redid the pipes so the refinery output went straight to the base.

3) It wasn't that, as inbetween trying to get the refinery to work my base would keep running out of water so I kept having to redo the pipes to bypass the refinery and everything would instantly work again.


Although apparently closing the game, coming here to write the bug report and loading the game up again was enough to fix it, as after loading it back up again the refinery was taking water normally again so... idk. Bug. If a mod is around and can rename the post title to advise bug report and move it to a bug report forum it'd be appreciated.

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