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  1. Update, can't even move right now on the boat :/
  2. Careful with yout boat, if you sail too fast you might loose some of your stuff ! There's another bug : I can't stop sailing the boat or change direction.
  3. A small change i would see for this upgrade is to assign the medical room's toilets to the room, so that only the sick dupe will use these toilets, i ususally build toilet in my room to get the bonus but i have to disable it because everytime a dupe is going to use these toilets even if it is further than the others.
  4. Can i suggest some other new paintings ? : Hatch playing poker (dogs playing poket), The creatin of Meep (The Creation of Adam), Dupe with a pearl earing (Girl with a Pearl Earring).
  5. Awesome one, could it be possible to have this for building tool for tiles ?
  6. Just tell us there will be better performances, my brain can't process all of this !
  7. Hello Klei ! After having a lot of crashes every minut, i've killed many of my hatches and now the game seems to run better, and i haven't experienced a crash in 10 min. Could you tell me if the number of hatches may make the game laggy and causes these crash ? Let me know if you need other files (Didn't find output_log files) Greetings SimDLL_CRASH_release_280450_20180803-21.52.06.dmp SimDLL_CRASH_release_280450_20180803-21.57.13.dmp SimDLL_CRASH_release_280450_20180803-22.05.39.dmp SimDLL_CRASH_release_280450_20180803-21.05.21.dmp Club Med Cycle 321.sav Club Med Cycle 322.sav Club Med Cycle 320.sav Club Med.sav
  8. Hello, I don't know if this is a bug but here it is: I wanted to move a dupe who fall asleep on a ladder, he moved where i told him but then ran back on the ladder to sleep. I can't give any save for this because it happened the first night.
  9. I've tried again after updating my drivers, it went better, i had to push it to ultra speed and it crashed after i was watching for 5 min, here are the files. output_log.txt SimDLL_CRASH_release_275206_20180718-17.27.00.dmp