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Mysterious Plant ??

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Hi everyone, I have a request, I mean, in this moment I make a spreadsheet which will list every items/things of the game (including everything, really) and I list the debug spawn of everything too btw. And now, after many hours and days, I searched for the mysterious plant (drop lesser glow berry) but I didn't find any website, forum discussion or blog explaining it. Currently I search in the possibilities displayed when I write c_spawn(".......") I try everything (az,ae,ar,at,ay,ua, etc....) to see what is possible. But just now I'm at "fa" and still not found what I want, the mysterious plant. I thought about the game file but it seems so difficult for me, I don't know how to do it. Well, I hope someone could help me if I don't find it :D Thanks ! (english)


(Bonjour tout le monde, j'ai une demande à vous faire, je veux dire, en ce moment je fais un tableur qui répertoriera tous les items/trucs du jeu (incluant tout, vraiment) et je liste également les debug spawn de tout. Et Maintenant, après plusieurs heures et jours, j'ai cherché pour "mysterious plant" (donne lesser glow berry) mais je n'ai trouvé aucun site, discussion de forum ou blog qui explique ça. Actuellement je cherche dans les possibilités affichées quand j'écris c_spawn(".......") j'essaye tout (az,ae,ar,at,ua, etc...) pour voir qu'est ce qui est possible. Mais maintenant que je suis à "fa", je ne trouve toujours pas ce que je veux, le "mysterious plant". J'ai pensé à propos des fichiers du jeu mais ça me semble trop difficile pour moi, je ne sais pas comment m'y prendre. Bon, j'espère que quelqu'un pourra m'aider si je ne trouve pas :D Merci ! (in French))

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I've already check the wiki fandom for "lesser glow berry" but I didn't find it anymore, recently now someone added "The DebugSpawn for Mysterious Plant is "wormlight_plant". Well I think it's good. ^^ (Weird... I already check the possibilities with "plant" and I didn't find this possibility.... I will see that

"wormlight_lesser" is the debug spawn for the lesser glow berry but not the plant for btw

It's work ! "wormlight_plant" I had to write "wormlight_p" to see the option xD, just "plant" or "worm" wouldn't have been enough

Those who are curious about the spreadsheet it is there: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lKRGv5X8xHu5RH6U40lkd52ph3h22V1JwV8xKAX4g5U/edit#gid=0 


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