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Button allow dups to do their personal needs during work.

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A toggle in time schedule. I would rather to have dups quit their work to go to bathroom than make a mess then took 10 more dups to clean that mess then spread germs every where in the base.
Early game, you wont face this, but in later in the game, when dups travel too far, they wont travel to bathroom in time and wont even do their personal stuff.

The new schedule actually hurt more than it help.

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Iirc they made a change allowing dupes to stop work if they need to go to a restroom or when they are starving. Is it not working properly? If the issue is them being too far maybe building toilets outside of your main base could help. I would also experiment with the schedule like giving dupes more downtime if their workplace is far from the base to account for the travel time. Finally travel tubes when you get over 50 tonnes fo plastic and some surplus power.

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