standard oni rp but all the dialogue is dupe noises


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Just roleplay as usual, but don't use any actual language. Ah-huh, nuh-uh, etc are fine, but other than that all dialogue are the noises the dupes make in the game and trailers.

It was an average day in The Doomed Space Hut. Mi-Mah was mushing, Stinky #1 was cooking, Stinky #2 and Meep were cleaning, Bubbles was painting, and everyone was going about their daily chores. Ada was helping Ari pick up a wad of dirt, when she saw one of her hatches eating some of the dirt supply. "Eh, whai yat weh womp" said Ada. 


After this, the Hatch changes in a certain way. Does he grow? Shrink? Get angry? You guys decide what happens!

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