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[request] No Werepigs


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lol. [MENTION=1]JoeW[/MENTION] and his automatic spam thingies.anyhow, i sort of dissaprove of this, as werepigs are a spinoff of werewolves, or humans that transform into rabies-ridden puppies during a full moon. it sort of defeats the point.plus it's easy to prevent werepigs. just kill you followers, or use a bed roll. if you are in loading distance of the pigs during the evening they should go into their house. if you have a big village your toast.

Bed Rolls stop werepigs? thanks for the tip. (No sarcasm)
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Well I am not one to judge what annoys....

This adjustment is more of a personal tweak vs a full "mod" so you should try managing it yourself by commenting the following section in the components\werebeast.lua file (near the top of the file)

--[[ MOD - disable werepigs at full moon (add this which starts a comment block)    self.inst:ListenForEvent("nighttime", function(global, data)	    if TheGlobalInstance.components.clock:GetMoonPhase() == "full" and self.inst.entity:IsVisible() and not self:IsInWereState() then	        self.inst:DoTaskInTime(GetRandomWithVariance(1, 2), self:SetWere())	    end	end, TheGlobalInstance)--]] MOD (add this which ends the comment block)

Make sure to backup the file first! And remember that it will get removed whenever the game gets patched.

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