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Raw metal problem

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(Long time lurker, first time posting.) Here is a solution to non-renewable raw metal problem:

Make it so when metal melts, it solidifies into it's respective raw metal.

This makes sense, as metal coming out of volcanoes are probably not 'refined' and filled with impurities. Having them solidify into ore form makes more sense to me. Also, molten metal probably oxidizes and picks up all sorts of contaminants to make it unrefined should it melt from a refined metal source. Meteors become the natural source of raw metal now.

This way, refineries are not obsolete, and building resources are not exhaustible. (You can't run out of raw metal to build rudimentary buildings, since the game has some way to convert metal types now.)

 This can screw up some things in future (


like both pyrite and iron ore refine to iron or both electrum and gold amalgam refining into gold. But already the mercury in gold amalgam is lost in refinement anyway; even if mercury is in the game. 

This can be worked around by having default types; each metal solidifying into a specific ore.)

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....You know, the more I think about it and I'm thinking :... why even have some bulding made out of raw ore only ? what kin dof sense does that make ?

Any buiding that can be made of raw ore should also be be able to be made from refined one as wel, at least. Or steel.

Or maybe togo even futrther, It might seems atad radical but.. why not make the Rock Granulator available much earlier, without research needed,and not use any electrcity (it's already powered by dupes punches afterall) and then make any building that use metal use refined metal ?

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I think the distinction was made at first so that refinted metal enabled new tech; so it wasnt just that refined metal buildings have better bonuses; but you have to have it in order to progress. And they never considered backwards compatibility as ever being an issue.

Now we have geysers and volcanoes, to which our pumps cannot handle. We now need the backwards compatibility; I agree that stuff should be able to be built by refined metals.

I would argue that refinery is still something that shouldnt be obsolete with a geyser. Maybe if refinery could pross refined carbon into diamond . . .

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