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event prefab not working

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I don't know if they're supposed to be working but the prefab items from the gorge seemed to work in dst. 

But I used to play offline and have successfully moved it back online.

A new world I generated during the gorge successfully creates the prefab items but the offline world I moved  online won't.

Now I'm also worried halloween or such events that happen within dst won't trigger properly in the world I moved.


So in short, I would like to know 1) if worlds moved from offline servers to online servers before events can create prefab items from events and 2) if there will be problems triggering new events in the world generated from an offline server to an online.


Sorry If I'm not being clear enough. Thank you for your time and answer in advance!

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Entities from the gorge shouldn’t work to begin with if spawned in a normal world. Offline and online. Their AI is stored locally in the gorge’s servers, iirc, and as such spawning gorge entities in a world that isn’t ‘gorged’ makes the spawned entity just stand there, or spawns merely a shadow.

I wouldn’t know about the other ‘minor’ events such as halloween, but my guess would be that everything should be working fine. Don’t take my word for that though.

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I don't know what do you mean by "prefab items"? Skins and other items you got during the event which are in your steam inventory as well (like the fridge skin)? Or the in-game entities that were present only in Gorge worlds, like the old beefalos, red marks, salt and such?

In the first case you should be able to use your skins in any online world. But in the latter case if you want to spawn in Gorge-exclusive mobs and items, use and interact with them, then no, it is not possible. All of this content were on Klei servers and we don't have their AI. Seemingly you can spawn them, but not officially. That means that the server doesn't allow them to be spawned, they show up only on your client and because the server doesn't know about them, you cannot interact with them in any way. You can use some server mods however which will let you spawn these, but note that those are only mods and might be different from what Klei created.

If you host a world, you can check its "event" setting. If it is set to auto (that is the default) then every event will be activated once Klei starts them.

I don't think you should have troubles on an online world just because you moved it from offline. I don't see why that would make a difference. But I didn't even know that setting an offline world online was possible, so I could be wrong there.

Ugh, I hope my post is understandable at least somewhat. I hope it helps. Good luck!

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Thank you very much for explaining. I will check if other players on my server can see the items and if they still remain intact after initial spawn.


As for the prefab Items I meant were the altar and statues, etc.

The new world I generated, which means the world itself was made online, spawned the items when  I wrote the console commands.

The same items wouldn't spawn in my offline now turned online world though.

Interaction with items, such as opening gate seemed impossible but spawning of still items worked.


Thank you for your time to reply!


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