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  1. I also have the same problem. I've tried Zillvr's advice but still not working. I make any world or go to pre-exisiting worlds and can enter cave but my friend gets disconnected. This is regardless of beta branch or not. My friend makes a world or we go into his existing worlds, we both can enter caves. We can both go into public servers and enter caves. Think this started after the recent update but hope this gets figured out and fixed soon.
  2. Year of the varg items are weavable!! but why aren't gobbler items? I'd love the gibblet skin since i wasnt around for it. are yotv and yotg only weavable not purchasable? also can anyone list all the gobbler, varg and pig skin items? i went through the cabinet and there are only character skins for yotp right? the other two are just belongings? finally, when does this event end? do wish starting and ending times for event were more clearly specified.
  3. So you need to create a new world? I can't get the king pig to accept and trigger although I got the structure and can get the belts.
  4. So does that also mean the triumphant and two other sets will no longer be obtainable through drop?
  5. So then there's no point continuing my world? And every update will also have me make a new world? Guess megabasing is pointless now. That's a bummer.
  6. I'm so excited for this new update!!! One question tho! Will we have to make new worlds to get the new biomes? Will I have to abandon my current world? Please say no! T^T
  7. she goes to klei forum and write a bug report but when she presses send, she gets a error.