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Horge, a possible event

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Generubi    67

i were looking to forums (i was bored) and i saw a interesting event idea.

So i mixed some of his/her ideas with my ideas:

Horge can be a possible event, because 1st event Forge was about fighting (health) 2nd cooking (hunger) and 3rd? Its a very possible idea to be sanity based event. I think it would be interesting if after passing gorge portal (after winning) the player gets in a creepy prision where are a lot of bunnymens. And your sanity gonna go down if you'r in dark,see skeletons,dead players... If you'r sanity its lower that 20% the bunnymen will start being black bunnymens and try to kill player. You will need too survive a amount of time or craft/find a key and get out. If a player dies his/her corpse will stay were you died and start to rot(a dead corpse -10 sanity if its rotten -20.  Thanks for watching this post. ;)


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