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Gorge event ending time?

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myxal    451

This doesn't apply to the Gorge event specifically, and may be more of a personal rant (as I haven't seen other people complaining about it), but what really grinds my gears:


We have decided to extend the event a week to July 17th..


The tournament ends on July 17th at 11am Pacific time.

I challenge you to show me how many people living outside the Americas (and not visiting regularly) can translate "11 am PST" to local time without looking it up. It's one thing when you're organising a meat-space meet-up at the local pub, it's another when you're running an event for a game with world-wide audience. Would it be too much trouble to post UTC time (11:00 PST => 18:00 UTC), or at least post the UTC offset at the time of event? (ie. -7, AFAICT)

And July is easy since I can just assume you're already on summer/daylight saving time. When you post date/time info around March/October, do you expect the audience to look up if it's before of after the daylight switch? (and if daylight saving is still observed, as that's a thing that may be killed in EU soon...)

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maradyne    4986

informational post
UTC isn't used much on a personal level in this region of the world so the thought to include it likely didn't even occur

and to further clarify most of us would probably have to look up what UTC time translates to in our time too lol I know I would

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