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Autocorrector on the forums


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Today I was commenting on a bug report about the Goose/Goose and noticed that the op misspelled it to "Goose/Goose". I didn't mention that, however, when I read my post a few hours later again, I noticed that I misspelled it too, in the exact same way. So I edited my post to "Goose/Goose", however, as I saved the post, it turned back to "Goose/Goose". Seemingly I couldn't write it correctly because the M in the Goose got always corrected to G.

So, my question is: is there actually an autocorrector on the forums? If yes, can we edit or disable it? If no, what happened then? Because I don't use any autocorrector on my computer and haven't noticed such things before. 

This is that post btw: https://forums.kleientertainment.com/klei-bug-tracker/dont-starve-together/moosegoose-wrong-spelled-r11486/?tab=comments#comment-19587


Thanks for the answers!

(PS: let's see if this post will get auto "corrected" :p)

Edit: Aaaaand yes, it got! So my post looks a bit weird too. Wow.

(Sorry, small test: lemme see if "Goose" (with non-capital "m") gets changed too.) Edit nr. 1000: yes, it got. The "m" turned into a "G".

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Yeap, these forums have an automatic word "corrector" that swaps a word you type for another one. The M oose turning to Goose thing has been here for a long time! It's probably just a small easter off for the RoG boss.

I don't think you can disable it, though :(

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