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Adventure Mode Speculation Thread [Adventure Spoilers]

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Adventure mode worlds get harder as you go. At the moment, harder consist of different world generation, including:

[*]Tooth traps appearing in forests.

[*]Mysterious stone circles.

[*]Forts with walls and moats.

[*]Burnt down forests.

[*]Fire pits in the wilderness.

[*]Biomes filled with sleeping spiders.

What does this mean?

Well, right now, the Things all seem to spawn together. The Wooden Thing will be surrounded by all its scattered parts. I speculate that, in the future, the various things listed above that spawn around higher level worlds will have something to do with how you escape the world. For example, rather than having the Things all in one place, the Things could spawn in separate walled forts around the map.

As for the story... Well, it seems that the further into the adventure you head, the more the world has been manipulated/destroyed by some unknown force. I do not know what this means exactly.

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Haven't seen the stone circles, but pig villages now spawn with carrots,berry bushes, flowers, in specific shapes, with hay walls (and maybe more). There are also cut forests with chopped trees. Using the wooden thing at the 5th level won't get you to the 6th level(for now maybe), instead it will generate another 5th level.

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