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I need help regarding an invisible character and missing art.

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To begin, I have had no experience modding since I only decided to mod recently to make a character I couldn't find already made. 

I started by following Corgi's mod (http://dont-starve.surge.sh/), followed it word by word and did everything instructed. My game crashed a few times due to the loader not finding specific folders and items, but I eventually got it working with help from my dad. I'm able to load the game up and even load my mod with no crashes. It's loaded the quote, the name of the character, the script I set up for him, voice, and that's about it.

I drew and imported a lot of art, set them all to .png and .tex files, and loaded my game. Not once have they actually shown up. I keep them under each respected category and folder (for example, I keep the map icon picture under the map icon folder), and it still won't load. Is there a way I can fix that?

Lastly, my BIGGEST problem is the fact that I absolutely can't get the avatar to load. I edited each limb and detail, changed them to both .png and .tex files, and the sprite is invisible. All I can see is the little shadow at his feet. I've checked other discussions about the invisible character glitch and haven't found any of them to be useful.

If somebody could help out, that would be fantastic. Thank you!



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When you are using the character template, is everything showing fine ? Did you renamed files with the right case ? Can you use a clean version of the template, and see if it works better when renaming file ?

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Yeah, everything showed up fine on the character template. It turned out that I hadn't named them right. So, when the mod tried to load, it would be searching for files under specific names, which is why it couldn't load my art or avatar.

Thank you for the help!

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