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If you are looking for other people to play DST with come join Diverse Survivors.

We are a friendly group with 3000+ members in our steam group.

We host 20 servers, and we monitor these servers for griefers. We have 1500 griefers banned from our servers.

We also run a dedicated discord with voice channels where you can chat to others while you play.

We have 14 admins to provide assistance around the clock to our members.

We regularly run fun DST events with cool prizes.

We are a friendly group and all are welcome. Come join us! Links below



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1- not friendly >:(
2- not even 1000 players
3- banning 1500 griefers isn't a good thing
4- too many admins ( not needed at all )
5- you " regularly " run fun DST events   - no u don't and not even at all
6- again, not friendly, people are toxic there
7- too much unneeded Drama
8- claim to have 3000+ while the total of all members in your servers / day is literally 20 to 30
I will live to haunt y'all.

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Hi all

If you check out our steam group here: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/DiverseSurvivors

You will see that

- We currently have 3 336 members, and growing!

- In the last 3 months we have hosted the following events:
   Waterballoon Fight,
   Art Competition,
   Scavenger Hunt Event
   Cooking Event,
   Maze Event

- Sure, the griefers and trolls dont like that we have admins and a ban list. But for those of us looking for a nice fun normal game free of toxic people, Diverse is the place to be :)

- We don't live to haunt anyone.... thats because we are friendly! Come join us for some DST Fun!


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lol CrimXane is mad
1. The regular members would disagree.
2- ???
3- Banning 1500 griefers is a great thing. It keeps toxic people like you out
4- With 20+ servers, 16 admins are surely needed.
5- We run the best events & they're very popular :)
6- Very friendly tbh.
7- After you left there hasn't been any unnecessary drama
8- 3000+ members & still rapidly growing ;)


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