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Possible automation adjustments

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Trying to set up a water shut-off to open when a Liquid Pipe Element Sensor (attached upstream) does not sense water is a nightmare at the moment. Please add an option for a Liquid Pipe Element Sensor to activate when it does or doesn't detect said element, or perhaps add another less advanced liquid pipe tool that simply activates when it does/doesn't detect fluid (empty pipe).
If that idea doesn't tickle your fancy, perhaps (also) add the option to 'mute' automation gates, since I tried using a "NOT" gate to instead disable the shut-off, however all I got was rapid on-off beeping! It seems that a Liquid Pipe Sensor will activate/deactivate every time water moves past it, even if the pipe is full and only small amounts of water are passing. This makes it useless for my application at this time.

I hope you see these suggestions and can see it's possible use in your awesome game.

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