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My single request: plumbable algae

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Well, i'm new to this game, but I've been doing a ton of reading and my fair share of failed starts.  With that said, something that seemed glaringly missing was a way to plumb algae terrariums, which based on the tech tree system I would have assumed there might be?  

So perhaps down the line we could have some sort of Algae Tank type of construction, filling the same role as terrariums, but automated save for adding more algae, unlocked by later tech down the line?

Or maybe just an optional output line on terrariums to let you automate it the same with a bit more work.  Either way, would be a wonderful thing to have with the automation systems.  

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7 hours ago, Oozinator said:



I'm going to follow up with what Smuch said in your thread, I fail to see how just because it's possible to make algae terrariums work, why it would be in any way bad, or unwanted, to have a later-tech tree item that automates it further and thereby reduces duplicant time use.  

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